Daegger - Call to your side a living, daemonic daegger to aid you.
Hunt - Command your daegger to hunt your enemy.
Pentagrams - Sketch an infernal pentagram, in blood.
Baalzadeen - Summon your beloved Baalzadeen to do your bidding.
Taste - Taste the flesh of your Baalzadeen.
Rest - Order your Baalzadeen to rest.
Armour - Request that your Baalzadeen grant you protection.
Horror - Instill great fear into your victim with your demon's aid.
Fiend - Summon a daemon fiend to attack an enemy.
Scorch - Order your Baalzadeen to melt icewalls.
Presences - Locate those in your local area with your Baalzadeen.
Mask - Summon dark powers to mask your demonic servitor.
Sap - Drain away the mana of a victim with your loving demon.
Trace - Command your Baalzadeen to trace the movements of someone.
Fortify - Fortify the health of your Baalzadeen with yours.
Apathy - Become numb to the crushing pain of existence.
Shadowstrike - Use your daegger to strike at the shadow of a victim.
Beckon - Your Baalzadeen is an attractive force indeed.
Daemonite - Summon forth a small daemonite to annoy your enemies.
Strip - Command your demon to strip the defences from someone.
Sear - Order your Baalzadeen to sear the flesh of an enemy.
Eliminate - Use your daegger to tear the beating heart from a victim.
Bloodworms - Summon forth a horde of these foul lesser daemons.
Blast - Order your Baalzadeen to blast your enemies from the room.
Mindread - Command your demon to listen to incoming tells.
Nightmare - A daemonite born of the rape of the Goddess of Dreams.
Fury - Cause those around you to go into an enhancing fury.
Stain - Stain the soul of someone with your Baalzadeen.
Syphon - Order your Baalzadeen to draw afflictions away from you.
Refuge - Seek refuge in the Inferno.
Catharsis - Perhaps their death is the greatest mercy there is.