Swordplay - Increased mastery of the shortsword.
Falconry - Use the basic skills to interact with your falcon.
Weathering - Increase your ability to weather damage.
Seek - Order your bird to seek out an adventurer.
Glance - Look through the eyes of your bird.
Raze - Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
Block - Obstructing departure with your body.
Fitness - Controlling your breathing.
Follow - Order your falcon to aerially follow someone.
Gripping - Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Duality - The ability to wield and use two weapons simultaneously.
Barge - Barging your opponents.
Lunge - A deep, piercing blow from an adjacent location.
Impale - Sink your blade into an opponent.
Battlecry - Stuns a target with the power of your voice.
Bowmanship - Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Wind - Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Aiming - Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Sturdiness - Standing firm against attempts to move you.
RazeSlash - First penetrate his defences, then give him the sharp end.
Deliver - Order your falcon to deliver an object to someone.
Resistance - Reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
Crossbows - A powerful projectile weapon.
Envenom - Coat a weapon in venoms.
Clotting - Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Rage - Throw off pacifying afflictions.
Retrieve - Command your falcon to fetch an object for you.
Startle - Order your bird to harass an opponent's steed.
Track - Order your falcon to follow and track someone.
Defend - Attempt to protect someone else with swordwork.
Cleaving - Rend your opponent's body in two.
Observe - Your falcon can now report on the state of individuals.
Arc - Swing your blade in a controlled arc.
Mastery - Through intense concentration, increase your blade mastery.
Darkbows - Use the infamous darkbows of Hashan.
Warhawk - Equip your hawk with talons of steel.
Engage - Damage a cowardly opponent.
Swiftmount - Mount or vault your steeds at increased speed.
Fury - Temporarily raise your strength.
Disembowel - Tear the entrails from a target.