Refine - Refine a piece of crystal out of the Master.
Dampen - Attempt to dampen a vibration, destroying it.
Vibes - See what vibrations are in a room.
Dissipate - Attack the mana of your enemies.
Palpitation - Cause small heart attacks in your enemies.
Heat - Fill a room with soothing warmth.
Alarm - Be alerted to movements of your enemies.
Tremors - Cause ground-shaking quakes.
Reverberation - Protect your vibrations against some attacks.
Sonicportal - Open a portal to someone.
Adduction - Suck those around you into your room.
Crystalhome - Transport yourself back to the Master Crystal.
Harmony - A soothing, healing vibration.
Creeps - Cause fear in your enemies.
Silence - A sound-negating vibration.
Revelation - Reveal those around you who may be concealed.
Grounding - Root yourself to the ground.
Oscillate - Discordant music to cause amnesia.
Worldvibes - The ability to see your vibes worldwide.
Focus - Draw your vibrations back to you.
Disorientation - Disorient your enemies with dizziness.
Energize - Suck health from your enemies and use it.
Stridulation - Destroy the equilibrium of your enemies.
Gravity - Increase the power of gravity in the room.
Crystalforest - Cause a forest of sharp crystal to arise.
Dissonance - Cause your enemies to become dissonant.
Plague - Afflict your enemies with debilitating effects.
Lullaby - Put your enemies to sleep.
Retardation - Slow time in your location.
Cataclysm - Unleash the fury of a team of magi.