Enlightenment - Look into the soul of someone.
Hands - Lay hands on a person to heal him.
Parting - Water will pull apart to make way for your blessed self.
Preaching - Show an adventurer the beauty of belief.
Palpitation - Cause small heart attacks in your enemies.
Truth - Dispel illusions with the power of your devotion.
Rites - List what rites are active.
Sustenance - The Gods will provide for you.
Inspiration - Gain an infusion of divinely-inspired strength.
Bliss - Give an adventurer a glimpse of paradise.
Pilgrimage - Travel to someone in a Rite of Pilgrimage.
Purity - Damage the Unholy.
Chaoscalm - Attack the chaotic nature of a chaos entity, pacifying it.
Peace - Give peace of soul to someone.
Warding - Drive your enemies off with overwhelming fear.
Force - Make an adventurer follow your wish.
Piety - Bind those around you with the force of ultimate piety.
Hellsight - Give an adventurer a glimpse of Hell.
Dazzle - Confuse and dazzle an opponent.
Demons - Summon demons to torment the unrighteous.
Allsight - Gain insight into all movement into and out of holy areas.
Healing - A powerful healing ability.
Well-being - A rite to keep those nearby fed and rested.
Convocation - Call to you someone in a Rite of Convocation.
Revitalization - A rite to heal health and mana.
Deliverance - Deliver a target unto you.
Cleansing - Rid your enemies of their unclean aspects.
*Fervour - Call rites to you in the heat of battle.
Prayer - Pray for the salvation of your congregation.
Banishment - Send the unholy Chaos entities back to their hell.
Resurrection - Grant life anew to a slain believer.
Absolution - Grant absolution to an afflicted victim.
Damnation - Curse the eternal soul of your victim.
Bloodsworn - Bond with another via a blood oath.