Dragonform - Transform into your draconic form.
Heal - Purge yourself of afflictions.
Flex - Destroy pesky bindings.
Armour - Call upon the blessing of Ashaxei.
Enmeshment - Entangle your foe with ethereal bindings.
Dragonsense - Seek out your prey.
Tracking - Travel quickly across great distances.
Hoist - Snatch up your next meal from the ground.
Leaping - Bound over any obstructions in your path.
Blocking - Use your bulk to obstruct exits.
Summon - Summon your breath weapon.
Blast - Unleash your breath against your prey.
Rain - Rain your draconic fury down upon the ground.
Gust - Knock your prey to the ground with a mighty exhalation.
Storm - Fill the air with your deadly breath.
Stream - Blast your foes from great distances.
Breathstrip - Destroy your prey's defences with your breath.
Roaring - Let loose an almighty roar.
Gut - Disembowel your foe with your talons.
Rend - Rip into your prey's limbs with a mighty swipe.
Bite - Clamp your meal between your jaws.
Clawparry - Fend off pesky attacks with your talons.
Devour - Destroy them in a single bite.
Decapitate - Hack the head from an adventurer's corpse with claws.
Consume - Eat the corpses of your prey.
Trample - Crush the fallen under your massive bulk.
Tailsweep - Knock your enemies to the ground with your swinging tail.
Becalm - Take down those annoying flyers with a beat of your wings.
Demolition - Bring down walls with a massive blow.
Incantation - Crush your enemies with a wave of draconic might.
Illusion - Confuse the lesserforms with your intellect.
Veilglance - Fold the Veil and look into far-away places.
Veildeliver - Pass items instantly over great distances.
Piercetheveil - Pass through the Veil Extant.
Curse - Lay down a terrible curse to cripple your foe.