Elementalism (SYLVAN)

Channel - Open conduits to the Elemental Realms.
Light - Light up your surroundings.
Gust - Blow someone in a direction with a gust of wind.
Reflection - Create a distracting illusion of yourself.
Stonefist - Coat your fists with rock and punch with more power.
Waterweird - Summon a water elemental to help you walk on water.
Barkskin - Make your skin tough like bark.
Fortification - Protect your open channels from attack.
Freeze - Chill another adventurer.
Geyser - Knock someone out of the trees or the sky.
Scry - Locate another adventurer.
Sandling - Summon a sand elemental to sequester you underground.
Chargeshield - Create a magical shield to resist electric damage.
Firelash - Attack with elemental fire.
Erode - Destroy the defences of your opponent.
Suppression - Destroy the sustaining partita harmonic.
Bloodboil - Boil off that which afflicts you.
Binding - The magic of channel binding.
Lightning - Fry your enemies with awesome bolts of lightning.
Firewall - Create a wall of elemental fire.
Fog - Conjure up obscuring fog.
Aerial - Summon an air elemental to carry you to the skies.
Illusion - Cast an illusion of your choosing.
Eclipse - Bedazzle your foe with a celestial bolt.
Icewall - Conjure up an obstructing icewall.
Rainstorm - Open the skies and deluge the earth.
Simultaneity - Parallel channeling.
Viridian - Use the elements to transform into a mighty Viridian.
Efreeti - Call a fiery efreeti to your aid.
Transfix - Mesmerize your target into inaction.
Hailstorm - Call down a hailstorm to pummel everyone else in the room.
Stormhammer - Call down the wrath of the storm upon multiple enemies.
Heartseed - Send Nature's touch to destroy your enemy from within.
Holocaust - Create a delayed explosion of immense power.