Worrystone - An unpredictable magical item.
Firelash - A lash of burning fire.
Hearing - Hear while otherwise deaf.
Fist - The fist sigil.
Cold - Enchant rings with the power to resist cold.
Waterwalking - Enchant shoes with the power to walk on water.
Flame - The flame sigil.
Electric - Enchant rings with electric resistance.
Firewall - Create a wall of fire.
Brooch - Create a brooch of Thoth.
Key - The key sigil.
Eye - A sigil dealing with souls and other dimensions.
Augment - Increase the power of weapons and armour.
Meteor - Turn arrows into flaming meteors.
Magic - Enchant rings with magic resistance.
Knife - The knife sigil.
Comprehension - Understand all mortal languages for a time.
Icewall - Create a blocking wall of ice.
Mushroom - The mushroom sigil.
Whirlwind - The roaring whirlwind of Vastar.
Concealment - The obfuscating orb of concealment.
Fire - Enchant rings with fire resistance.
Bauble - A magically scented bauble to attract falcons.
Monolith - The monolith sigil.
Dreamcatcher - Increase regeneration while sleeping.
Negation - The powerful gem of negation.
Cube - The vibration-dampening cube sigil.
Pestilence - Create a ring of pestilence.
Stasis - Items in the bag of stasis decay more slowly.
Scabbard - Enchant a scabbard of stasis.
Orb - The chaos-destroying orb sigil.
Purity - Create a necklace of purity.