Perceive - Determine if a forest area is a Druidic grove.
Imprint - Choose a forest location as your Druidic grove.
Sever - Erase your imprint permanently from your grove.
Energy - Determine how much sunlight your grove has stored.
Who - Sense who is in the forest.
Status - Discover information on the status of your grove.
Look - See through the eyes of a forest into a distant location.
Shake - Send a tremor throughout your grove.
Elevate - Ascend into the treetops.
Watch - Command your grove to report certain activity within it.
Eject - Toss all but yourself out of your grove.
Return - Return instantly to your grove from anywhere in the forest.
Eyes - Locate everyone in the forest.
Forestwatch - Know all entry and exit from the forest.
Seal - Prevent night-time draining sunlight from your grove.
Tend - Lovingly caring for your grove.
Screen - Raise a screen against telepathy within your grove.
Roots - Secure yourself to the ground with tree roots.
Preservation - For one year, shield your grove from damage.
Smudge - Remove ground-based runes from your Grove.
Quarterstaff - Summon a Druidic quarterstaff from your grove.
Calling - Call your loyal creatures back to your grove.
Track - Constantly track the movement of anyone in the forest.
Portal - Open a portal to your grove for anyone in the forest.
Entangle - Command your grove to bind your enemies.
Summon - After a time, bring anyone in the forest to your grove.
Flow - Slip instantly from your grove to anyone in the forest.
Imbue - Infuse your quarterstaff with the power of sunlight.
Regrowth - Reform a sharpened quarterstaff.
Cure - Cure someone of an affliction.
Isolation - Transport yourself to the Grove of Isolation.
Channel - Transfer energy to another Druid's grove.
Vigour - Call on the invigorating warmth of sunlight.
Remedy - Heal another of maladies and ailments.
Rain - Conjuring a magical shower of rejuvenating rain.
Fertility - Speed herb growth throughout the forest.
Concealment - Hide all those within your grove from prying eyes.
Harvesting - The ability to harvest plants for Concoctions.
Sharing - Granting the use of your grove to your allies.
Flash - Illuminate the surroundings with a revealing flash of light.
Gate - Open a gateway of light.
Hive - Create a hive of stinging bees to defend your Grove.
Overgrowth - Return a runic totem to the embrace of Nature.
Rejuvenate - Restore an exterminated room to its natural state.
Snowstorm - Spread the white cloak of winter across the land.
Wildgrowth - Ensnare your enemies with tenacious plantlife.
Barrier - Form an impenetrable barrier from light itself.
Forestbinding - Prevent all entry and exit from the forest.
Resurrection - Restore yourself or a friend to life.
Guardian - Summon an earth golem to guard your grove.
Dampen - Destroy Magi vibrations and Bard harmonics in your grove.
Lightning - During a storm, strike at your foe from the heavens.
Panacea - Nature's touch can heal all ills.
Portability - The ultimate expression of the bond with your Grove.