Lament - The shadowy lament may cause fear in those who hear it.
Control - Master the manipulation of your harmonics.
Anthem - A mighty defensive harmonic protecting against damage.
Harmonius - Allows communication in all distinct languages.
Polyphony - The ability to maintain two harmonics simultaneously.
Andante - Call your harmonics to you.
Cacophony - Destroy the reverberation vibration of a magi.
Minuet - Induce a state of extreme gullibility in an opponent.
Aeternam - Draw on the Place of Eternal Song for emergency needs.
POES - The ability to see who last harvested in a room.
Counterpoint - Set up three harmonics simultaneously.
Rondo - Call out the rats with their favorite melody.
Contradanse - Periodically afflict your enemies' minds.
Paxmusicalis - Declare an intermittent musical peace.
Gigue - Decrease equilibrium recovery time for your allies.
Percussia - Create a sonic explosion.
Divertimento - Disrupt the equilibrium of your enemies.
Bagatelle - Deliver periodic magical damage against your enemies.
Simpleharmony - The ability to place four harmonics in a room.
Partita - Protect other harmonics from disturbance.
Battaglia - Project your harmonics into neighboring rooms.
Berceuse - Put an enemy to sleep with this soporific tune.
Continuo - Regenerate physical well-being with this movement.
Complexharmony - With this, you may set up five harmonics in a room.
Wassail - Restore mana for allies with the jaunty Wassail.
Chorale - A group harmonic that gives experience to the listeners.
Funeralmass - The dark, mournful mass with the power to slay.
Canticle - Decrease balance recovery time for your allies.
Undertonal - Maintain seven harmonics in a single room.
Reel - Disrupt the balance of enemies with this complex melody.
Hallelujah - Carry an audience to ineffable joy.
Overtonal - Your mastery is such that unlimited harmonics are yours.