Impatience - Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsiness - Inability to use weaponry effectively.
Amnesia - Causes the victim to forget to do his next action.
Addiction - A terrible addiction to elixirs.
Paranoia - They are out to get you, believe me.
Loneliness - Fear of being left on your own.
Claustrophobia - Fear of enclosed spaces.
Stuttering - Anxious difficulty with speech.
Hallucinations - Vivid hallucinations to plague your foe.
Pacifism - Loss of desire to cause anyone harm.
Hypersomnia - A condition that prevents insomnia.
Dementia - Hugely distorts victim's perception of the world.
Deadening - Weakening of the mind.
Epilepsy - Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces.
Masochism - The love of your own pain.
Analyse - Discover the implanted suggestions in someone.
Recklessness - Ignorance of health and disregard for well-being.
Vertigo - Fear of heights.
Cleanse - Clean yourself or another of suggestions.
Lethargy - A distinct lack of energy.
Anorexia - Loss of desire to eat.
Confusion - Causes the mind to become confounded.
Stupidity - Abject, stumbling idiocy.
Generosity - Indiscriminate, overwhelming generosity.
Action - The ability to suggest an action of your choice.
Hypochondria - The conviction that one is constantly afflicted.
Mesmerise - Much subtler, near-indetectable hypnosis.