Weathering - Increase your ability to weather damage.
Vitality - Call upon a rush of adrenaline to heal you.
Sturdiness - Standing firm against attempts to move you.
Toughness - Increased resistance to physical attacks.
Deaf - Blocking out sound by force of will.
Hearing - Restoring your hearing.
Clotting - Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Regeneration - Regain health through strength of mind.
Sight - Restoring your sight.
Blind - Blinding yourself to prevent optical damage.
Resistance - Reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
Nightsight - Gain the ability of infravision.
Fitness - Controlling your breathing.
Restoration - Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Projectiles - Avoiding many projectiles.
Dodging - Avoiding attacks from the sky.
Constitution - Maintaining your intestinal equilibrium.
Splitting - Constant meditation by splitting your consciousness.
Breathing - Holding your breath.
Consciousness - The ability to stay conscious at all times.
Immunity - Immunity from most poisons.
Boosting - Increasing your rate of regeneration.
Transmute - Instantly convert mana into health.
Numbness - Delaying the effects of damage.
KaiTrance - Entering the mystical Kai Trance.
KaiChoke - Crush a victim's windpipe remotely.
KaiCripple - Cripple your target completely.
KaiHeal - Healing yourself with Kai energy.
KaiBanish - Temporarily banish your victim from time itself.
KaiBoost - Increase your receptiveness to Kai energy.
Enfeeble - Unleash a massive blast of kai energy at your opponent.
Deliverance - Grant your enemies release from this mortal coil.