NOTE: Abilities with * are for Druids only.

Squirrel - A cute, bushy-tailed woodland creature.
Powers - Lists the powers you possess when morphed into a creature.
Wildcat - A small untamed feline. Alert and perceptive.
Wolf - The wary white wolf.
Turtle - The aquatic turtle.
Jackdaw - The black jackdaw.
Cheetah - A creature quick of eye and fleet of foot.
Owl - The wise bird of prey.
Hyena - A vicious, stealthy creature with a chilling howl.
Condor - The swift and mighty bird of prey.
Gopher - A cute, burrowing animal.
Sloth - A slow, ponderous creature.
Basilisk - The silent, magical beast of lore.
Bear - The mighty grizzly bear.
Bonding - Increased rapport with the animal spirits.
Nightingale - A delicate, beautiful bird with an exquisite song.
Elephant - Largest of the land mammals.
Transmorph - The ability to morph from form to form.
Wolverine - Pound for pound, one of the most vicious animals.
Jaguar - A powerful, quick, and stealthy beast.
Eagle - The king of all flighted birds.
Gorilla - An agile yet powerful primate.
Icewyrm - A mythical creature of awesome, magical power.
Affinity - Obtaining a greater affinity with an animal spirit.
Wyvern - The cousin of dragons themselves.
* Hydra - A fearsome creature steeped in mystery.
TrueMorph - Instantaneous metamorphosis.