Deathsight - Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Chill - Send the cold of the grave to plague an opponent.
Sense - Seek out the life force of another being.
Decay - Causing your opponent's flesh to decay.
Night - Create darkness in the room.
Shroud - Perform many actions in secret.
Screech - The shriek of the banshee.
Taint - Attack those with pure souls.
Feed - Derive sustenance from another being.
Leech - Leech away the mental energy of your target.
Lifevision - Allows you to see many hidden beings.
Shrivel - Cause your opponents limbs to shrivel up.
Soulmask - Conceal your aura from prying eyes.
Cannibalism - Rip out and consume the heart of your victims.
Essence - Sense about how much life essence you have.
Sapience - Draw upon your essence to increase your mana.
Vigour - Draw upon your essence to increase your health.
Putrefaction - Cause your flesh to decay and melt.
Drain - Drain your life essence into another Necromancer.
Belch - Spew forth a noxious gas.
Deathaura - Surround yourself in a miasma of evil.
Disfigure - Curse someone with the visage of a rotting corpse.
Soulstorm - Driving animal spirits away.
Gravehands - Summon the hands of the grave to hinder your opponents.
Leprosy - Spread disease to all around you.
Exterminate - Destroy all plant life in a location.
Vengeance - Revenge with your dying breath.
Soulspear - Meld soul-matter from the dead into a physical weapon.
Blackwind - Assume the form of the deadly blackwind.
*Infestation - Summon vile maggots from the depths.
Vivisect - Rip your victim's chest open and torture him to death.
Soulcage - Harness your life essence to escape death itself.