Ague - A chill that enters from the aura to the body.
Window - Seek out another in your mind's eye.
Warp - Cause your enemy's body to warp beyond recognition.
Night - Create darkness in the room.
Shroud - Perform many actions in secret.
Bodywarp - Warping your own body is not for the faint of heart.
Eldrichmists - The Hymn to Glaaki will raise strange mists.
Mask - Conceal the movement of your chaos entities.
Attend - Force your students to pay attention.
Enervate - Suck the strength from your enemy's aura.
Encipher - Hide your writings from prying eyes.
Quicken - A small time warp around your enemy makes them hungry.
Astralvision - Your aura gives insights into that which is around.
Shrivel - Cause your opponents limbs to shrivel up.
Readaura - Reading another's aura will reveal their secrets.
Karma - Sense how much karma you have accumulated.
Heartstone - Create a figurine of your heart to help give you mana.
Simulacrum - Create a figurine of yourself that absorbs damage.
Timewarp - Warping time in a location will move vibes.
Distortaura - Distorting your aura will protect you from physical harm.
Pinchaura - Surgically alter your patient's aura.
Impart - Impart your karmic knowledge to others with Occultism.
Transcendence - Open a gateway to the Plane of Chaos.
Unnamable - Hear what cannot be named, or see what cannot be imagined.
Devolution - Devolving your enemy will make them unrecognizable.
Cleanseaura - Cleanse away those pesky animal spirits from an aura.
Tentacles - Master your body and create tentacles of your own.
Chaosrays - Pure chaos will strike all in a location.
Whisperingmadness - A curse of madness not soon forgotten.
Devilmark - The Mark of the Devil grants great power.
Truename - Find the truename of your enemy.
Astralform - Turn yourself into a being of pure energy.
Enlighten - Reveal the truth to the uninitiated.
Transmorgify - Reincarnate as a Chaos Lord.