Handspring - Leap at your foes in neighboring rooms.
Props - Wish for the props that every good jester needs.
Balloons - Float to the skies with balloons.
Slipperiness - Let your bad self shine on through.
Bop - Bop your enemies with a blackjack.
Giraffes - Twist a balloon into a giraffe. Wheee!.
Backflip - Flip over obstructions like a monkey on kola.
Hocuspocus - Cast coloured illusions to dazzle those about you.
Runaway - And thou didst beat a brave and hasty retreat.
Concussionbomb - Momentarily stun everyone in the room.
Butterflybomb - Blast people from the skies and trees.
Balloonhandoff - Launch your foes to the clouds with a big red balloon!
Backhandspring - Leap out of the room striking someone on the way out.
Balancing - You're like a cat, you are.
Smokebomb - Choke all in the room with a plume of smoke.
Juggling - Damn, you're good.
Webbomb - Explode strands of rope to bind everyone in the room.
Acrobatics - Leap and bounce to make yourself a difficult target to hit.
Badjoke - It's everyone ELSE that has the bad sense of humour!
Mickey - Slip some poor sucker a mickey.
Traps - The ability to search for traps in your location.
Disarm - Attempt to disarm a trap.
Graffiti - Doesn't everyone deserve to share your wisdom?
Somersault - Quickly somersault past obstructions, even when bound.
Arrowcatch - Pluck arrows from the air with the greatest of ease.
Bananas - Litter the floor with slippery banana peels.
Firecracker - Construct festive firecrackers.
Itchpowder - Uurch...ergh! *scratch scratch* Arrgh! *scratch scratch*
Dustbomb - Numb the sense of your victims with a bomb.
Jack-in-the-Box - An innocent musical toy with a vicious bite!.
Timers - Give your bombs a delayed effect.
Suicidemice - Brainwash mice to carry bombs on their backs. Groovy.