Mount - You can mount a steed.
Mule - Bumble along upon a stubborn mule.
Mounts - Locate all your loyal mounts.
Soothe - Calm your panicked steed.
Pony - Prance about on a pony.
Scooping - Scoop objects off the ground.
Steedtrade - You can trade your steed, bestowing its loyalty to another.
Lighthorse - Gaily ride a light horse.
Defence - Your mount affords you some defence in combat.
Fording - Ford through rivers on your mount without taking damage.
Whistle - Whistle one loyal steed to your side.
Mediumhorse - Explore the lands upon a medium horse.
Intimidate - Encourage your mount to intimidate other mounts.
Ramming - You can ram other riders, knocking them off their steeds.
Lasso - Lasso and ride wild mounts.
Heavyhorse - Trot proudly upon a heavy horse.
Vault - Impressively vault onto your steed.
Gallop - Gallop on your steed with great speed.
Warhorse - Boldly ride a war horse.
Mountjump - Your steed can jump over obstacles blocking exits.
Greaterwarhorse - Martial your forces on a greater war horse.
Blocking - Your steed can block exits.
Mountkick - Use your mount to kick an unmounted opponent.
Legendsteeds - Proudly ride upon legendary steeds.
Flying - Fly the winds upon a winged steed.
Jousting - Joust against other mounted opponents.
Trample - Frenzy your steed to trample all prone in your location.