Smudge - Ability to destroy runes.
Kena - A rune to inspire fear.
Uruz - Heal your allies with earth magic.
Fehu - Causes sleeping urges.
Pithakhan - Attack the mental reserves of your enemies.
Jera - A rune to increase the vitality of the bearer.
Inguz - A rune with the ability to paralyse.
Wunjo - Upon encountering this, an enemy's sight will be returned.
Lagul - Increases the ability of a weapon to connect.
Sowulu - Damages the health of enemies.
Algiz - A rune of protection from damage.
Isaz - A rune to call shockwaves to take your enemies off balance.
Totems - The symbol of the master of Runelore.
Dagaz - This rune will heal afflictions from you at random.
Gebu - This rune will increase the blunt protection of armour.
Gebo - A rune to increase the cutting protection of armour.
Gular - Drawing on the power of the earth, raise a stone wall.
Raido - Summon a spiritual steed to bear you home.
Thurisaz - Call forth a spout of molten lava from the earth.
Lagua - Increase a weapon's damage.
Hugalaz - Call down a hailstorm around you.
Truesketch - Sketch more than one rune on the ground.
Nauthiz - Suck the nourishment from your foes.
Mannaz - Return hearing to a victim.
Othala - Besiege your enemies with multiple spouts of molten lava.
Sleizak - Afflict a foe with the horrible voyria poison.
Tiwaz - This rune will remove the defenses of your enemies.
Berkana - Provides health regeneration to the bearer.
Nairat - A rune to beguile and transfix.
Eihwaz - A powerful vibration-dampening rune.
Runebinding - Bind your runes to your body.
Laguz - Make a weapon magically faster.
Runeblades - Runewardens may empower a weapon as a legendary runeblade.
Loshre - Cause an opponent to become afflicted with anorexia.
Implant - Create a bond between your totem and the earth.
Designate - Arrange clear title and ownership.
Empower - Enable smudge reporting.