Sealegs - Walk with confidence aboard a ship.
Crossplank - Cross a plank extended over water to another ship.
Shipwho - Sense who is aboard the ship.
Dodging - Avoid anti-personnel ship ammo.
Rigging - Climb up into the rigging above.
Deepseafishing - Fish for the biggest there be.
Deepseadiving - Dive deep for the sea's hidden treasures.
Shipreturn - Return to your ship from afar (captains/owners only).
Seaprayer - Return to your ship after death.


DECKHAND ABILITIES (specialisation learned via SPPs from the denizen Rorthgar only)

Cooking - Improve crew morale and performance culinarily.
Mast - Climb the ship's mast to the crow's nest.                                       RANK 1 
Sailmaintenance - Repair and maintain the ship's sails.                                             RANK 2
Hullmaintenance - Repair and maintain the ship's deck and hull.                                 RANK 3
Sounding - Using the leadline to see if deep sea diving is feasible.
Salvageops - Recover sunken ships.                                                                  RANK 4
Forceboarding - Lead a party onto another ship, uninvited.                                       RANK 5


WEAPONS ABILITIES (specialisation learned via SPPs from the denizen Hawkins only)

Fireweapon - Basic use of shipboard weapons.
Status - An overview of all the ship's weapons.                                           RANK 1
Grappling - Snare another ship with clawed hooks.
Weaponmaintenance - Ship's weapons repair and upkeep.                                               RANK 2
Weaponaiming - Greater accuracy when firing.                                                       RANK 3
Weaponenhancement - Improvements to ship's weapons.                                                 RANK 4
Ammoenhancement - Improvements to ship ammunition.                                                RANK 5


HELM ABILITIES (specialisation learned via SPPs from the denizen Ambo only)

Helm - Basic directional control for ships.                                                  RANK 1
Sighting - Determining longitude with a sextant.
Steadygoing - Maximising steadiness while under weigh.                                      RANK 2
Stationhold - Holding (almost) perfectly still at sea.                                             RANK 3
Evasives - Manoeuvres to avoid enemies and enemy weapons.
Bearings - Finding the right way to go.
Mapscribe - Create a map to where you are.
Jink - Slide around obstructing ships.                                                       RANK 4
Shipmeld - Summon the ship's sea spirit and share in its powers.
Whirlpool - A seaspell to create a watery inconvenience.
Manoeuvres - Manoeuvres to get you out of the worst situations.                            RANK 5


WATCH ABILITIES (specialisation learned via SPPs from the denizen Natalie only)

Watch - Climb the ship's mast to the crow's nest.                                            RANK 1
Bearings - Finding the right way to go.
Spyglass - Gain greater detail on your surroundings.                                            RANK 2
Shipscan - Check all ships within range.                                                             RANK 3
Shipmeld - Summon the ship's sea spirit and share in its powers.
Shipcloak - Conceal your ship from detection for a time.
Shipwarning - Notice movement nearby, at cost.                                                      RANK 4
Wavecall - A seaspell to summon an immense wave for instant movement.
Barrier - Summon a prismatic barrier for all allies aboard.
Anticipate - Know when a ship changes course or manoeuvre.                               RANK 5


COMMAND ABILITIES (specialisation learned via SPPs from the denizen Aitroyo only)

Command - Basic command ability. Crew works better/faster!                                 RANK 1
Keelhaul - Special treatment for one special persona aboard.
Fleetsense - Details on ships of the same ownership or fleet.                                   RANK 2
Commscreen - Screen communications from the mainland.
Shipmeld - Summon the ship's sea spirit and share in its powers.
Sailsgird - Seaspell to protect your ship's sails.                                                   RANK 3
Hullgird - Seaspell to protect your ship's hull.
Rainstorm - Seaspell to extinguish shipboard conflagrations.
Windboost - Seaspell to direct nearby winds.
Etch - Etch a Token of Charybdis for emergency mainland returns.                  RANK 4
Shield - Seaspell to a protect ship from some attacks.
Wavescythe - Seaspell to break a ship's shield.                                                        RANK 5