Summon - Summon your angel to your side.
Touch - Assess the power of your angel.
Mace - Summon a spiritual mace to aid you.
Shine - Cause your guardian angel to radiate light.
Call - Call your mace to you when you have lost it.
Aura - Shield yourself with an aura of protection.
Panic - Ask your angel to cause terror in a chosen victim.
Fortify - Boost your angel's power with your own health.
Watch - Have your angel keep watch on your enemies
Smash - Deal a crushing blow to one of your opponent's limbs.
Rest - Causes your angel to conserve her power.
Drain - Gain health from your angel.
Heresy - Summon rage at the heretics and hunt them with fervour.
Seek - Have your angel report on another person.
Mindread - Your angel reports to you on local conversations.
Beckon - Draws in people from adjacent locations.
Judgement - Pass a sentence of death upon the evil.
Sear - Order your angel to sear an unlucky adventurer.
Strip - Order your angel to strip a defence from a heretic.
Ripples - Your angel watches for chaos ripples.
Ward - Cause fear in most chaos entities.
Chasten - Deal a mind-numbing blow to an enemy.
Presences - Searches out all in the local area.
Trace - Have your angel report on someone's movement.
Sap - Order your angel to sap the mental strength of an enemy.
Care - Have your angel care for your physical well-being.
Spiritwrack - Your angel will torture the spirit of your enemies.
Refuge - Have your angel transport you to a place of safety.
Empathy - Have your angel heal you regularly.
Power - Increase your angel's power through use of mana.
Sacrifice - Full restoration of self at great cost to your angel.
Absolve - Command your angel to tear the soul from your enemy.