Rattle - Knowledge of the coded Serpent Lord tongue.
Hide - Conceal yourself from view.
Scales - Coat yourself in protective, serpentine scales.
Evade - Misleading your pursuer.
Shadow - Shadowing a target in order to track them.
Flay - Flay the anti-venom sileris coatings from your enemies.
Waiting - Awaiting a target to be shadowed.
Pacing - The ability to anticipate and keep pace with others.
Bask - Bathing in the hot sun.
Block - Obstructing departure with your body.
Swinging - Swinging up into the treetops.
Secret - Give someone an item without their knowledge.
Scan - Scanning the forest floor from the treetops.
Bowmanship - Use of the valued projectile weapon.
Seize - Grabbing unwary victims from the forest floor.
Shove - Sending a hapless victim crashing to the forest floor.
Garrote - Choke the life out of a target with your whip.
Noose - Covert and deadly assassination from the trees.
Aiming - Increase your accuracy in shooting.
Listen - Detect action and conversations nearby.
Dispel - Rid your environment of illusions.
Lipread - The ability to understand what is said while deaf.
Eavesdrop - Listen even through closed doors.
Slit - Cut the throat of a helpless victim.
Wind - Further increase your accuracy through wind compensation.
Ghost - Give yourself a ghostly appearance.
Doublestab - Quickly administer two venoms to a target with your dirk.
Warp - Open and enter a dimensional wormhole.
Seek - Sense for dimensional wormholes.
Illusion - Create an illusion of your choosing.
Crossbows - A powerful projectile weapon.
Cloak - Hide your actions from others.
Dash - Sprint in a particular direction.
Lightwall - Create a palpable wall of light.
Resonance - Allow sounds to resonate through a distant wormhole.
Darkbows - Using the infamous darkbows of Hashan.
Appraise - View the contents of another adventurer's inventory.
Splice - Create a dimensional wormhole.
Backstab - Attack from the shadows.
Channel - Hurl an object through a dimensional wormhole.
Binding - Hog-tie an unconscious or sleeping opponent.
Envenom - Dip your arrows in venom.
Colours - Dye your arrows to categorize them.
Execution - Subject your enemy to a merciless execution.
Sources - Sense out all dimensional wormholes.
Weaving - Weave and dodge like the cobra itself.
Yank - Use a whip to pull an opponent into your room.
Vortex - Suck an unwilling target into a wormhole.
Snipe - The ability to sharpshoot.
Cancel - Destroy a wormhole.
Snake - A pet snake to assist you in combat.
Phase - Alter your status in space-time itself.