Fishing - Ply the waterways of Sapience for fish galore.
Considering - Find out the strength of others.
Brawling - Enter into basic combat with your fists and feet.
Navigating - Navigate to various landmarks in Sapience.
Swimming - Swim in the beautiful oceans, rivers, and lakes of Achaea.
Surveying - Gain information on the characteristics of your location.
Treading - Swim in one place without drowning.
Distance - Sense the distance to a specific LANDMARK.
Perceive - Determine if a forest area is a Druidic grove.
Assessing - Ascertaining the health of a target.
Dousing - Only you can stop forest fires!
Diagnose - Check up on your physical and mental health.
Sewers - Gaining entry to the dark underbelly of the cities.
Satiation - Enhance the value of what you eat.
FluidSwim - Swimming with not a care in the world.
Metawake - Cause yourself to quickly wake up automatically.
Tumbling - Tumble past obstructions.
Crashing - Crashing past obstructions in the forest.
WormAttack - Attacking dimensional wormholes.
Recovery - Recovering from the use of the Tree of Life more quickly.
Selfishness - Become too selfish to throw or give anything away.
Clotting - Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Insomnia - Cause yourself to be unable to fall asleep.
Swinging - Climbing up into the trees.
Shaking - Shaking a tree to see what falls out.
Clinging - Clinging tightly onto a tree.
Restoration - Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Heartstop - Slay yourself by stopping your heart.
Breathing - Controlling your breathing to avoid asphyxiation.
Curseward - Erect a barrier against curses.
Focusing - Curing mental afflictions by sheer will.