Inscribing - The ability to inscribe images upon blank Tarot cards.
Sun - Create a portable light source.
Cardpacks - Use the handy cardpacks for easier storage.
Emperor - Create the compulsion in others to follow you.
Magician - Replenish your mana with the might of the Magician.
Priestess - Heal yourself with the benevolence of the Priestess.
Fool - Shrug off afflictions with blind courage.
Chariot - Create an infernal chariot to ride.
Hermit - Teleport to an uninhabited location.
Empress - Summon your friends to you.
Lovers - Create a strong love for you in your target.
Hierophant - Compulse your victim to do your bidding.
Hangedman - Hinder your opponent with a mass of ropes.
Tower - Cause a crumbling tower to appear in your location.
Wheel - Spin the wheel and and take your chances.
Creator - Create an illusion in an adjacent room.
Justice - Bring justice to the unjust.
Star - Strike down a foe with a flaming meteor.
Aeon - Curse your foe with the mark of Chronos.
Lust - Cause an opponent to hopelessly lust after you.
Universe - Transport yourself around the land.
Devil - Call a Devil to serve you, though no more than once.
Moon - Bestow the maladies of the moon upon your enemy.
Death - Call down Death itself to claim the soul of your enemy.
Supercharge - Instantly charge your Tarot cards.