Firefly - Light up your surroundings.
Moss - Automatically reduce your bleeding.
Feather - Attain the lightness of a feather and levitate.
Shield - Protect yourself from most attacks.
Mindseye - See while blind, hear while deaf.
Hammer - Shatter another's shield.
Cloak - Protect yourself from summonings.
Bell - Be warned when there are those spying on you.
Crystal - Heal yourself of all your wounds.
Moon - Regeneration of mana through the power of light.
Starburst - The power of the stars provides immediate resurrection.
Boar - Feel the noble blood of the Black Boar beat in your veins.
Web - Snare another in a sticky web.
Tentacle - Call the tentacles of Shimite to rip someone from the sky.
Hourglass - Send the sands of time to put your victim to sleep..
Brazier - Summon another to you.
Prism - Walk on prismatic shards of light.
Tree - Heal yourself with the tree of life.
Megalith - Partake of the determination of the megalith.
Ox - Endurance flows through the spirit of the Ox.
Chameleon - Change your identity to the casual observer.
Superscribe - Hold two tattoos on each body part.