Horse - The most basic stance.
Jab - A straight-forward punch.
Snapkick - A straight-forward kick.
Hook - A curving punch.
Eagle - Stance of the soaring eagle.
Sidekick - A powerful thrusting kick.
Uppercut - An upwards hooking punch.
BodyBlock - Using your body to block blows.
Palmstrike - Striking your opponent's nose, rendering him blind.
Hammerfist - A strike with your fists to the legs.
Cat - An agile, defensive stance.
Roundhouse - A twisting kick.
Evade - A block that attempts to completely avoid attacks.
Sweep - Attempting to sweep your opponent off his feet.
Bear - A highly specialized stance, designed for punching.
Slam - The first of the throws.
Moonkick - A powerful, curving kick.
Spear - A jabbing punch with an outstretched hand.
Rat - A well-balanced stance.
Thrustkick - A kick designed to push your target away.
Wrench - A nasty throw that breaks the target's limbs.
Axe - A slow but powerful kick.
Guarding - Guarding a body part and counterattacking.
Scorpion - A devastatingly powerful attack stance.
Whirlwind - The most powerful kick.
Bladehand - Attempting to disarm your opponent.
Pinch - A special and powerful block.
Backbreaker - The ultimate throw.
Jumpkick - Attack someone in an adjacent room with a flying kick.
Dragon - The superior state of mind.
A quick reference chart for belt level lesson-cost:
Current Belt Lessons Form Earned Belt
White 7 Jakata Grey
Grey 9 Lisagi Yellow
Yellow 18 Rhee Green
Green 56 Philos Blue
Blue 89 Tykorima Orange
Orange 112 Opha Red
Red 135 Nexus Purple
Purple 180 Kali Bronze
Bronze 315 Do-San Silver
Silver 383 Rhythos Gold
Gold 450 Krull Black