Sense - Use your telepathic powers to seek out others.
Lock - Focus your telepathic power to lock minds with someone.
Glance - Look through the eyes of your subject.
Telesense - Detect attempts to mindlock you.
* Fear - Fill your target's mind with an irrational fear.
Throw - Mentally push a subject in any direction.
* Hallucinate - Project an illusion into the mind of your subject.
Terror - Strike utter terror into the mind of your subject.
* Confuse - Disrupt and confuse your subject.
Suffuse - Suffuse the mind of your subject with mental energy.
* Drain - Draw mana from your subject's mind into your own.
Listen - Listen to all that your subject hears.
* Divine - Determine the health and mana levels of your subject.
Fullsense - Seek out all minds within your reach.
Isolate - Cut remote communication off from your subject.
Link - Link minds with a fellow telepath.
PsyCombat - Battling another telepath with the psychic arts.
* Disrupt - Destroy your opponent's mental equilibrium.
Mindsense - Seek out those with disabled telepathy.
Transfer - Transfer a telepathic lock to a fellow telepath.
* Impatience - Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
* Epilepsy - Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
* Pacify - Soothe all violent thoughts from your subject's mind.
Empathy - Establishing a physical link through your telepathy
* Stupidity - Induce idiocy in the mind of your opponent.
Command - Force a subject to do your bidding.
Mindcloak - Stealth telepathy.
* Paralyse - Exert mental power to paralyse your subject.
Hypersense - Hypersensitivity to telepathic activity.
* Amnesia - Induce temporary forgetfulness into your subject.
Barrier - Throw up a telepathic barrier around your subject.
Scan - Scan the mind of your subject.
* Deadening - Dull your opponent's mind.
Travel - Cross great distances to your subject in a single step.
Mindnet - Cast a mental net about your surroundings.
* Crush - Attack your subject with a crushing psychic attack.
Daze - Render your subject extremely vulnerable to hypnosis.
* Strip - Strip the defences from your opponent.
Sapience - Instantly know your subject's thoughts and actions.
Clamp - Set a telepathic mind clamp about your subject.
Blackout - Cause a short-lived, total blackout to your subject.
Scythe - Scythe through the bond between a subject and a spirit.
* Batter - Devastate your opponent's mind with an overwhelming attack.
Radiance - Destroy your subject with a single blast of mental energy.
Mindprints - Take a mindprint of your subject.