Secrete - The ancient ability of producing venom.
Purge - Cleansing your venom sacs of poison.
Bite - Sinking your fangs into an unfortunate victim.
Sumac - Minor damage.
Xentio - Loss of coordination.
Oleander - Blindness.
Eurypteria - Gives the victim delusions of invulnerability.
Kalmia - Inhibits the respiratory system.
Digitalis - Causes unbearable shyness.
Darkshade - Makes the victim allergic to sunlight.
Curare - A venom of muscular paralysis.
Epteth - Shrivel up the arms of your unlucky victim.
Prefarar - Increase the recipient's sensitivity.
Monkshood - Disfigure your victim, causing disloyalty in those around.
Euphorbia - Induces spasmodic vomiting.
Colocasia - Gives blindness and deafness.
Oculus - Forces the recipient's eyelids open.
Camus - A more powerful version of Sumac.
Vernalius - A venom that weakens the muscles.
Epseth - Cause the legs of your victim to become useless.
Larkspur - Causes great dizziness.
Epilepsy - Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Slike - Give the curse of anorexia to your victim.
Voyria - The deadliest venom known to mankind.
Delphinium - Put your victim to sleep.
Notechis - Induce haemophilia in a target.
Vardrax - Drains life essence from the necromancers.
Milking - Milking venoms into vials (see AB VENOM MILKING).
Loki - An unpredictable toxin.
Aconite - Cause sheer stupidity in your opponent.
Selarnia - Forcing your victim back into mortal form.
Gecko - Causes the recipient to become foully oily.
Scytherus - A venom that thins the blood.
Nechamandra - A venom that chills the veins.
Transcretion - The ability to instantly secrete a venom.