Looking - Gain knowledge of your immediate surroundings.
Glancing - See summarized information about your surroundings.
Secrets - Discover hidden exits.
Squinting - See extended distances in your line of sight.
Flyers - Take notice of those in the skies.
Observe - Gain information about your extended surroundings.
Clotheslist - Easily list and view info on clothing you are wearing.
Farsight - Attempt to locate another adventurer from afar.
Vigilance - Increase your resistance to hypnosis.
Pipelist - List all of your pipes and what's in them.
Treewatch - Watch the forest canopies for movement.
Deathsight - Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Elixlist - All about your elixirs and salves.
Venomlist - All about your venoms.
Search - Search your location for hidden beings.
Skywatch - Watch the skies for movement.
Groundwatch - Watch the ground for movement.
Aura - Read the aura of other living creatures.
Keylist - See a list of your keys and what they open.
Alertness - Heightened awareness of your surroundings.
Rites - List what rites are active.
Harmonics - Reveal the nature of all harmonics present.
Weaponlist - Easily list and view the stats on your weapons.
Armourlist - Easily list and view the stats on your armour.
Vibes - See what vibrations are in a room.
Nightsight - Use infravision to see in the dark.
Hypersight - See the actions of magically cloaked adventurers.
Thirdeye - Give yourself the power of the third eye.
Tattoos - Discover what tattoos are on another adventurer.
Wormholes - The ability to sense wormholes in your location.
Mapsight - Discern the coordinates of another within a subdivision.
Contemplation - Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Telesense - Heighten your awareness to telepathic attempts.
Appraise - View the contents of another adventurer's inventory.
Angels - Gain information on the status of a Guardian Angel.
Entities - Discover the whereabouts of any Chaos entities in the land.
Recognition - Recognize shouted voices.
Innersight - Sense your experience and your Icon's power more accurately.
Softfocus - Allows you to see less detail.