Fashion - Fashion vodun dolls from rope and cloth.
Confusion - Muddle the thoughts of your victim.
Dizzy - Cause your enemy to become unsteady on his feet.
Sleep - Send someone to the dreamworld.
Illusion - Cause your victim to see an image of your choosing.
Spy - See the surroundings of your target.
Status - Find out what the health and mana of your target is.
Strip - Strip someone's defences.
Paralyse - Lock up the muscle system of your victim.
Obliterate - Cause the horrible death of your doll's model.
Break - Break both the arms or both the legs of someone.
Throttle - Crush the life out of your victim.
Reckless - Induce a sense of extreme bravado in your opponent.
Tickle - Tickle the feet of your puppet.
Burn - Set your victim alight.
Bleed - Bloodlet your enemy.
Travel - Travel through the spirit pathways to your doll.
Cripple - Break all the limbs of a victim.
Command - Your wish is their command.
Slow - Make a victim move through time more slowly.
Puncture - Destroy your target's internal organs.
Blackout - Rob your victim of some of his senses.
Summon - Bring your puppet's model to you.
Bind - Tie up your hapless opponent.
Listen - Hear talking through your target's ears.
Inventory - See the inventory of your target.
Imbibe - Afflict your opponent through your doll.
Mangle - A pain beyond that of mere breaking.
Concussion - Bruise the very brain of your doll's model.
Leech - Attach yourself to the spirit of your victim.
Truefashion - The hallmark of a master of Vodun.