Maqam - A graceful song of the desert to cause clumsiness.
Lay - Create a field of distortion to protect against fashioning.
Haiku - Alright, seriously now...what did that mean?
Isorhythm - Claustrophobia is only a few, droning notes away.
Tune - Protect the target against damage of all types.
Dirge - Soothe the hands of the grave.
Fugue - Instill fear with a complex fugue.
Solo - Drain the mana from a victim.
Poem - A poem of gluttony and decay to induce nausea.
Yodel - Shatter a crystal forest with an irritating yodel.
Pastorale - Cause a target to develop a fear of heights.
Noise - A screeching, meaningless noise that numbs the mind.
Gimmegimme - A chant of generosity sure to pay off.
Ditty - A ditty that will short-circuit one's brain.
March - Cause even the most steady of mounts to panic.
Requiem - If you think they're out to get you, you're right.
Tremolo - Crush a target's legs with a sonic pounding.
Vibrato - Shatter an opponent's arms with a trilling vibrato.
Epic - Paralyse a target with an epic tale of heroism.
Aria - Give a friend a short-term health bonus.
Prelude - Fashion an illusion from song.
Ode - Addiction is a terrible disease.
Cantata - Sing down someone's shield.
Dwinnu - A chant that will disintegrate that which binds you.
Qasida - With a qasida of asceticism, afflict someone with anorexia.
Passion - Instill stupidity with a glorious passion of Imithia.
Limerick - Sing an impatience-causing limerick at your opponent.
Songbird - Whistle a helpful songbird to your shoulder.
SoulfulVoice - Sing through vibrational barriers to reach your audience.