Hide - Conceal yourself in the shadows.
Swinging - Swing up into the trees like a monkey on kola.
Traps - The ability to search for traps in your location.
Dart - A trap that shoots out a poisoned dart at its victim.
Fox - Summon a lithe vixen to attack your enemies.
Barkskin - Make your skin tough like bark.
Trip - Knock an unruly foe to the ground.
Snare - Trap your enemies like the stupid beasts they are.
Lemming - Summon a suspiciously helpful lemming to your aid.
Returning - The ability to throw an axe such that it will return.
Firstaid - Use your knowledge of healing to reduce bleeding.
Disarm - Attempt to disarm a trap.
Noose - A chant of generosity sure to pay off.
Raven - Call a raven to aid you in combat.
Catapult - A trap that will throw your enemies out of the room.
Campfire - Build a campfire to soothe the body and soul.
Badger - Call for the aid of a very grumpy badger.
Clothesline - A trap that will rip open the jugular of a victim.
Alarm - Put an alarm on a trap.
Grab - Use an axe to pull someone in from a nearby room.
Impale - Impale attackers on a spear or trident.
Harvesting - The ability to harvest plants for Concoctions.
Dustbomb - Numb the senses of this trap's victims.
Butterfly - Summon a butterfly to assist you in combat.
Horseshoe - A trap that stuns its victims with a blow to the head.
Thornspray - Attack your enemies with a flurry of flying thorns.
Conceal - Conceal the nature of a trap's effect.
Spinning - Set up a defensive shield with a spear or trident.
Wolf - Call the mighty grey wolf to your side.
Darts - A trap to quickly overload an enemy with poisons.